Middle Class Bluez

from by Trevis T.



Perpetrating living lies of the middle class blues
Project tales in a suburb school
All these girls pregnant
Niggas start to die
They ran up in his crib for them pounds no lie ! ( Repeat )

I ! Never thought that I would be the
One to go this way
But my hands got dirty
Just to make a way
Things ain't always what them seem
Go and tell a friend
This for my people I will never ever see again

Verse 1
Ain't no babies in the dumpster
She just morning after pill
She forget the morning after
Then abortion how she feel
If she have that little baby
Daddy take her out his will
That's the life of silly rich
Down below is where we chill /
Raised middle class ,well what that really mean ??
A bunch of broke niggas living way outside they means ?
Or educated people who just like some nicer things
My roots are from the bottom
Of this economic thing

Verse 2
Ain't no couples counseling
She divorced him via text
Ain't no time for being real
All she wanna do is flex
So she all on Instagram
Poppin bottles with her ex
Bright lights got her gone
Yeah she did it for check
And he did it for the sex
Get her girlfriend next
Never know how bitches do
Unofficial ! No respect !! Nawh!!!
Tricking is tricking
So I choose my poison carefully
In moderation/ medicate responsibly


from The Independent International, released June 26, 2015
Produced By Shade Mayhem



all rights reserved


Trevis T. Atlanta, Georgia

High energy hip hop, with dirty south and world influences are the basis of the "Trevis T." sound. As a producer, writer and performer he takes you right into his world, with his unique voice , and over the top style.

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